Yoga / Meditation Classes


Carefully designed to offer a choice of complimentary experiences.

Beginners and more experienced yogi's practice side-by-side in the traditional way. You will feel supported and challenged no matter where you are in your practice.



Awaken & revitalise your spirit.

Driven by a powerful musical arrangement, incorporating cardio and a yoga workout. Designed to push you physically and mentally. You will build heat and then emotional release through heart openers and soothing movement. A meditative finish will integrate your learning and leave you feeling relaxed and intentional.

REVIVE 75 minutes; Express 60 minutes

(Valid with the community class card)



Bring balance to your body & mind  


A class that pays attention to alignment and technique - perfect for beginners, those with injuries, new mothers and mothers-to-be. Set to a soulful musical rotation, each class blends Hatha and a short Vinyassa flow. Designed to stretch, strengthen and then relax with a calming meditation.  

BALANCE Duration 75 minutes; Express 45 minutes.

(Valid with the community class card)



Teacher: Richard Lockett  


Based on traditional hatha yoga Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute class consisting of the same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.  The class is ideal for everyone and although typically taught in a hot studio, non-hot bikram can be an equally challenging and intense practice. Richard trained in LA USA in 2012 to become a Bikram certified teacher.  

Duration 90 mins classes.

(This class is not valid with the community class card. Non-hot Bikram with Richard is a drop in price of £8 per class. Please pay on arrival)



Silent Hatha, Yin Yang practice to restore & build resilience.

Powerful Hatha postures followed by restorative Yin. The intention is to practice mindfully with emphasis on your breath. A grounding and calming class encouraging you go inwards and find what feels good inside and out. Ending with meditation.

PRESENCE Duration 60 minutes

(Valid with the community class card)

Community class charges (excluding Non-hot Bikram)

FIRST CLASS £5 ONLY. After that... 

DROP-IN RATE £8 PER CLASS (pay teacher on arrival)


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