Yoga / Meditation Classes


Carefully designed to offer a choice of complimentary experiences.

Beginners and more experienced yogi's practice side-by-side in the traditional way. You will feel supported and challenged no matter where you are in your practice.



Absolute Beginners Welcome!

Over the course of 5 sessions you will gently build towards a beautiful flow sequence. As the same time each class is designed to stretch, strengthen and then relax with a calming mediation. You will learn yogic breathing, floor work and key standing postures.

Duration 5 x 75 mins classes




Bring balance to your body & mind  


A class that pays attention to alignment and technique - perfect for beginners, those with injuries, new mothers and mothers-to-be. Set to a soulful musical rotation, each class blends Hatha and a short Vinyassa flow. Designed to stretch, strengthen and then relax with a calming meditation.  

BALANCE Duration 75 minutes; Express 45 minutes.

(Valid with the community class card)



Teacher: Richard Lockett  


Based on traditional hatha yoga Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute class consisting of the same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.  The class is ideal for everyone and although typically taught in a hot studio, non-hot bikram can be an equally challenging and intense practice. Richard trained in LA USA in 2012 to become a Bikram certified teacher.  

Duration 90 mins classes.

(This class is not valid with the community class card. Non-hot Bikram with Richard is a drop in price of £8 per class. Please pay on arrival)



Silent Hatha, Yin Yang practice to restore & build resilience.

Powerful Hatha postures followed by restorative Yin. The intention is to practice mindfully with emphasis on your breath. A grounding and calming class encouraging you go inwards and find what feels good inside and out. Ending with meditation.

PRESENCE Duration 60 minutes

(Valid with the community class card)



Awaken & revitalise your spirit.

Driven by a powerful musical arrangement, incorporating cardio and a yoga workout. Designed to push you physically and mentally. You will build heat and then emotional release through heart openers and soothing movement. A meditative finish will integrate your learning and leave you feeling relaxed and intentional.

REVIVE 75 minutes; Express 60 minutes

(Valid with the community class card)

Community class charges (excluding Non-hot Bikram)
FIRST CLASS £5 ONLY. After that... 

DROP-IN RATE £8 PER CLASS (pay teacher on arrival)


6 CLASS CARD - Valid for REVIVE, BALANCE & PRESENCE COMMUNITY CLASSES £35 (excludes Beginners 5 week course)
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