Meditation four week course


Are you willing to stop judging, stop analysing, stop comparing & experience what you block with your thoughts?​

Is life passing by too quickly?

Feeling overwhelmed?  

Need to re-prioritise your lifestyle?

Do you desire more peace and serenity?


Nothing changes if nothing changes.


Yoga and meditation workshops are designed to bring calm and discipline into your life. Each is focussed on defining and practicing rituals and routines that will lead to a new mindset and behaviours to make your daily life feel Sacred.

Tired of those worn out crappy stories in your head telling you that you are not good enough, not smart enough, need to do more, or just fed up feeling anxious unnecessarily? Then this 4 week PRACTICAL course is for you.

You will join a small group who have been selected for this course. All are beginners in meditation and all will arrive with the intention of working on their own journey of self-discovery and change.
START DATE: 28th March 2020
LOCATION: Liverpool
The group will be led by Marie Burns, a yoga/mediation teacher and psychologist/psychotherapist. Marie has worked with people all over the world to support them as they move forward in their career and personal life. The course is based on yogic philosophy and practice however you will also cover secular approaches including mindfulness. You will learn:
* Awareness: the benefits and practice of meditation.
* The Monkey mind: illusion of thought and the brain
* The body: letting go - pranyama (breathing techniques)
* The role of intention: Compassion based meditation
* Deepening your practice
This course will also be supplemented with some reading, videos, a workbook and homework practice.

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