Yoga / Meditation Classes

Carefully designed to offer a choice of complimentary experiences.

Yoga is often associated with gymnastic type moves especially on social media. Yes, yoga can be a powerful physical workout, however, it is a meditative practice foremost. The true purpose of yoga is “the progressive quieting of the fluctuations of the mind".​

Specialist classes are typically five-week commitments (one yoga session per week) and held in collaboration with community groups, therapeutic centres and other services providers.



Absolute beginners welcome.

Over the course of 5 sessions you will gently build towards a beautiful flow sequence. As the same time each class is designed to stretch, strengthen and then relax with a calming mediation. You will learn yogic breathing, floor work and key standing postures.

Duration 5 x 75 mins classes.  



A mindful and compassion based yoga practice to gain awareness of mind, body and soul.

All yoga practice can induce feelings of well-being, however this class emphasises compassion based practice to explore our three voices.. mind, body and soul. This series is particularly  helpful for those who have childhood or adult trauma, those in recovery from addiction and other kinds of anxiety and self-worth challenges.

Duration 5 x 75 mins classes.  



A class to strengthen the knees & related muscle groups.

Many people start and then stop yoga because it causes knee pain. Often people push themselves beyond their current capability particularly in flow classes or lack instruction for proper alignment and modifications. My experience of managing acute and chronic knee pain has taught me that yoga strengthens the knees.

In this class expect powerful standing postures and balances designed to build resilience not just in your knees but in all those areas that impact on knee pain.

Duration 5 x 60 mins classes.



Taught by Richard Lockett  

Based on traditional hatha yoga Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute class consisting of the same series of 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.  The class is ideal for everyone and although typically taught in a hot studio, non-hot bikram can be an equally challenging and intense practice. Richard trained in LA USA in 2012 to become a Bikram certified teacher.  


Duration 90 mins classes.


Work 1:1 with Marie, typically once or twice per week depending on the context.

Scenarios include:

  • Take your practice to the next level 

  • Learn to relax and manage stress & anxiety

  • Heal after injury, illness or trauma

  • Prevent injury and physical & cognitive decline   

  • Build confidence to enter a community class

  • Re-connect with yourself afer trauma or depression

  • Build strength and calm during a period of challenging life circumstances

  • Re-discover your physical fitness without harsh impact on the body


Yoga sessions start at £60 per hour. Price will vary depending on the focus and number of sessions required. Please call Marie m:07732837446 or email: marie@yogastory.co.uk.

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