Chakra: Full Colour Living

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy"? Nietzsche


A Yoga and meditation course designed to introduce the ancient chakra system through a practical application (yoga asanas, dance & meditation).  

This 3 week course is for you, if you...


Want to feel more vitality in life?

Feel blocked in life but can't quite put your finger on it?

Want some practical solutions for greater wellbeing?Want to learn from an ancient yogi system (chakras)?

Interested in mental health?



Part 1: Patterns & habits

A mind-body workout designed to help explore your chakras in relations to your behavioural patterns and habits?

Part 2: Chakra Wisdom  & Alignment

Practical session exploring chakra alignment through yoga asanas, meditation, music  & dance.

Wisdom: Combining science and the ancient texts

Part 3: Integration


An integrative session to explore your 'Your Work.'



Before the course you will receive:


A personal assignment designed to help you explore your chakras. 

Course takes place:

February 2020


Offer £35

Wear comfy clothes, bring a blanket, yoga mat, cushion or bolster, bring a journal, some coloured pens.

Places are limited.

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