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What has a book club got to do with yoga, psychology or anything else? Everything. We are wired for stories. We love to learn. We need connection and community to thrive. Let's read... meet once a month (LAST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH @ 7-9PM), face to face or virtually, chat, discuss, laugh, cry, drink tea, coffee, eat cake and whatever else we fancy..  and thrive.



Here's the first selection of books until you suggest more. They include great storytelling as well as being beautifully educational about journeying through life.











I have it on good authority that Madeline Miller is a great author and this novel is amazing. It can be summarised as:

"A nymph faces the joys and lonelinesses of independence in this feminist reworking of Greek myth."Miller anchors her story – in the emotional life of a woman who realises that the world is threatening in so many ways and learns the importance of balancing trust and self-protection.






Sarah Haywood and I used to walk our kids to school together. I remember telling her I would like to be a yoga teacher and she wanted to write. And write she did. Sarah's recent first novel has done extraordinary well. Not only is it a New York times best seller but also Reese Witherspoon's choice for her book club. She has been awarded many more accolades and I suspect it may become the script for a film. But that's not why it's on my hit list. It's here because it's about messy emotions that don't fit into the equation of a perfectly ordered life. It's also about help and self-discovery and things that can't be explained by logic alone. Just my kinda thing.











To know your true calling—your dharma, as the yogis say—is perhaps the greatest desire within each of us. And yet, few can say we know our purpose with absolute certainty. Fortunately, there is a time-tested guide—an ancient map—for discovering your unique calling. In The Great Work of Your Life,Stephen Cope walks you through each step of the journey.Cope teaches that the secrets to unlocking the mystery of your life’s purpose and masterfully weaves together stories of both well-known and ordinary lives. Highlights include:

  • Jane Goodall›s ability to follow her heart without question

  • The little-known tale of Walt Whitman›s dharma discovery in the second half of life

  • Ludwig van Beethoven›s triumphs over childhood abuse, depression, and going deaf 

  • Gandhi›s transformation from tongue-tied youth to leader of the Indian independence movement

  • Additional tales from the lives of both famous luminaries and everyday people

Moving and inspiring, The Great Work of Your Life is a call to action and step-by-step guide for each of us to embrace our dharma.



A brilliant teaching on the problems of doing. There is so much talk these days about being. (And for good reason.) But what a treat to discover a great scripture about doing. From the point of view of the Gita, the most sublime kind of doing is really a perfect expression of authentic being. Over the course of 18 magic chapters, the divine Krishna and the great warrior Arjuna have some awesome talks about action version inaction, about doubt and faith, about knowledge and love. The Gita truly is some of the world’s most inspirational teachings about love, work, and duty. 



Lisa Taddeo set's out to describe current states of American female desire. She found three women (two of whose names she does not disclose, except for Maggie, whose case is public record) who allowed her into their lives. She spent eight years searching for subjects across the country, ultimately following Lina, in Indiana; Maggie, in North Dakota; and Sloane, in Rhode Island. Taddeo effectively lived with and through them, recording their sexual secrets, hopes and fears and, ultimately, the origins of those fears, which in all three cases provide exceptional plot jolts.

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