Marie Burns

Founder of Yoga Story

When we tap into that creative power deep within, it guides us towards being the person we are meant to be.

It's difficult to label myself these days but yoga teacher is just one of my roles. I'm also a Consultant Psychologist who works with individuals, groups and organisations around the world.

I've always been obsessed with digging into WHAT, WHY and HOW we can heal, change and grow. I've journeyed from East to West, learnt from the ancient teachings as well as up to the moment science about what can help us to develop, build inner-peace and happiness.


Importantly I understand that there is no recipe for living that suits everyone. It's about seeking out experiences that help us to move closer to our truth and create a life we don't want to escape from!

FACILITATION STYLE: Empowering & Heartfelt.

MUSIC ON ROTATION : Florence & the Machine, Alicia Keys, Mumford & Sons, Birdy, Joy Williams, The Killers, Seinabo Sey.

INSPIRED BY: ​Nature & the human condition

FAVOURITE YOGA MOVE: Ustrasana (Camel pose) - Heart Opening

A RECURRING THOUGHT: Hmmmm how will I do that!?

A NONNEGOTIABLE: Ruthlessly honest with myself and others.

SOME FAVOURITE PLACES :  Snowdonia, Celebes Sea.

MANTRA: Sacchidānanda

Richard Lockett

Bikram, Yoga Nidra Teacher

"My love affair with Yoga began 11 years ago when I walked into a Bikram Yoga studio for the first time. The discipline, the heat, the physicality of the practice, the sheer challenge of it appealed to my then triathlete mindset. It wasn't long though before I stopped triathlon training to focus on my new found passion. 

I began to change, physically all the little niggling injuries that I'd put up with for so many years just seemed to melt away. I developed a new found flexibility and emotionally I'd never felt as calm and relaxed. I noticed my relationships with friends, family and work colleagues became softer and more forgiving, more loving. I discovered a spiritual side to my nature ! 

In 2012 I travelled to LA to become a Bikram teacher. More recently I studied Yoga Nidra in India, a wonderfully nourishing and relaxing practice.

It is fair to say that Yoga has transformed my life. Each time we step on to the mat we have the opportunity to look deep within ourselves and with a little patience, courage and compassion we begin to see the absolute beauty of who we are." 

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