Keep some room in your heart,

for the unimaginable

Safe spaces for jouney's of self-discovery & change

This 3 week course is for you, if you..

Are intrigued by the ancient chakra system?

Want to move on in your yoga practice.

Want to feel more vitality in life?
Want to understand the psychology of the chakras ?

Feel blocked in life but can't quite put your finger on it?

Want some practical solutions for greater wellbeing?

Singing Tibetan yoga bowls_edited.jpg

This 3 week course is for you, if you..

Feel life is passing by too quickly? 

Feeling overwhelmed?  

Struggle with anxiety or mood instabity?

Need to re-prioritise your lifestyle?

Desire more peace and serenity?

Want to learn to step back or slow down?


What students say

"I just wanted to say that the Yoga workshop was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Marie, thank you very, very much for taking the time to correct postures, discuss the philosophy, etc. I absolutely loved the practice and it made me realise quite a few things I was missing."​ (30+ man, Akido Instructor)  

"Marie is an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed her workshop.: (75+ woman & yoga teacher for 45 years)

"I enjoy Marie's classes - the pace and challenge. I feel safe with Marie as a teacher." (40+ Woman)

"I really enjoy Marie's teaching style. Great atmosphere in class" (30+ Woman)

"I have made huge changes on how I feel about myself. Marie is an inspirational person. I want to be as good as her" (40+  Woman)

"Marie injects bags of fun and enthusiasm into her yoga classes. She also brings expert knowledge about the postures and how our bodies function.I started as a beginner with Marie and although I'd struggled with 10 years of back pain she worked with me to increase my mobility and bring my backpain under control." (50+  Man)

"Marie is a thoughtful and skilled teacher. I've learnt something new in every one of Marie's classes and  she takes care to take the poses back to functional movements that help you in everyday life." (60+ Man)

"Marie really understands how the body moves and develops. She's helped me enormously to deal with arthritis. I'd never done yoga before and now I can't imagine life without it" (40+ Woman)

"Each one of Marie's yoga classes is an experience. Her choice of music, meditations and yoga sequences are so inspiring." (30+ Woman)

New to yoga? Please wear comfortable fitness clothing that allows you to move with ease. Bring a yoga mat and be sure to drink water before class (bring some water too). For your first class arrive 10 minutes early to meet Marie. If you have any questions, email, call, just ask.

Terms & Conditions:Full refund up to 5 days before any class. Full refund up to 10 days before any workshop or event.  Otherwise 50% refund.

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