For the curious: Marie's story

As a child I struggled with dibilitating anxiety often resulting in panic attacks. I couldn't breathe and thought I'd die. Looking back, I'm not surprised. I worried about everything and was sensitive to any negativity and pain around me. I withdrew into my thoughts, planning how I'd rescue everyone and change the world.

My saving grace was and will always be my incessant curiosity. I asked questions, read everything and mostly had several research projects on the go. I was obsessed with music and art...


"Today I continue to live in wonder of the world around me and I have an enduring fascination with nature and the human condition. "

Growing up surrounded by mental illness and struggle I witnessed the pain, destruction and misery it brought to all those it touched including myself. I wanted to find solutions and after a brief spell working in London & Bucharesti Romania I  qualified as a Chartered Psychologist in the UK.


My curiousity lead me beyond the mainstream psychological science, into clinical hypnosis, meditation, storytelling and the creative arts. I developed a unique skillset and I was in demand globally as a psychological facilitator and executive coach. At weekends I worked in my therapeutic practice at home and chose to dive deeper into story telling becoming a producer and speaker coach for TEDx events arising in the UK.


I hit my 40's and the continual, travel, long days, weeks, burning the candle at both ends lifestyle including high impact exercise pretty much brought me to my knees.


I thought self-care was drinking champagne until the early hours, over-indulging on rich food and working out like a demon. Aged 43 I was advised to have knee replacements which potentially meant a lifetime of restricted movement and cortisone injections. I began using alcohol regularly to numb the pain and keep the 'mask' in place. I pretended to the outside world that everything was 'ok.'


But it was time to stop trying to rescue everyone else... and change my own story. I began to practice yoga.

The physical benefits of yoga saved my knees. Showing up each day on my yoga mat quieted my mind. Yoga taught me to stay with my breath, listen to my body rather than get caught up with those crappy worn out stories in my head. This ancient tradition provided such a powerful link between my mind and body, no modern approach had come close to.

And so Yoga Story was born...

Californian Desert December 2018

Exploring my thoughts.
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Exploring the deserts.

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